Warriors in movies have shields forged from iron flames, intimidating face paint meant to drive fear into the hearts of their enemies and long, razor-sharp spears…but is that what a warrior looks like?

Sometimes warriors are women with breast cancer with pink sashes walking for a cure, or someone looking for just the right scarf to wear over their newly hairless crown, or someone who, in the quiet of dawn, makes the decision to live that day to the fullest.

Warriors can be found in the women who are too tired to get out of bed, but spend the day writing poetry. Warriors can be found in those who cry fearful tears, but give fierce hugs. Warriors can be found in those who look into the sun and declare, “I am still here.”

Breast cancer warriors don’t have shields emblazoned with dragons, but they do have a powerful strength that comes from their families, friends, communities, and most importantly, from within.

Screaming a battle cry from a mountaintop and rushing into a sea of bows and arrows isn’t the only way to be a brave, sometimes it’s just the draw of a breath, a foot in front of the other, or a whispered “I love you.”