Butterflies! Bees! Flowers, oh my! Winter has finally melted into spring and children everywhere have ditched the snow pants for shorts, snow boots for sandals, and are enjoying the outdoors. On days when you’re looking for quiet activity, here are a few spring crafts that your little ones are sure to love.

Vegetable Stamping


This craft from Cratulate.com is a fun way to use the celery stems that you’d normally toss into the trash. Grab some paints and create beautiful sheets of roses. These can be turned into handcrafted wrapping paper or cards for friends and family. Learn more here!

Gardening Craft


If you’ll be planting a garden this year, this craft is a simple way to teach children the structure of vegetables. All you’ll need are two paper plates and colored pencils or crayons. You can teach children about the roots and surface portion of the veggies that they’ll be munching on all summer long. Learn more here!

Handprint Tissue Paper Veggies


We adored this cute tutorial because it’s so easy. Foster a love of veggies in your child by grabbing some colored tissue paper, glue, and construction paper. Make the “tops” of the vegetable by tracing your child’s hand and the “bottoms” by gluing small pieces of the tissue paper to the base. These will look absolutely beautiful on your fridge! Learn more here!

Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit & Veg Craft


One mom’s trash is another mom’s treasure, and this has never been truer with this craft! Don’t throw away that bubble wrap. Instead, use it to make textured fruits and vegetables that will have your children giggling with glee. Broccoli, pineapple, pears, and corn – whatever produce you choose to make will be a guaranteed hit. Learn more here!