It’s picnic season!! The weather is too nice to spend all your time indoors and it’s especially too pretty to dine inside. Get your family out of the house and into nature, and let us help with what to take along with our picnic ideas.


Staying hydrated is key when spending time out in the summer heat. Try putting water bottles in the freezer prior to your picnic. The water will thaw in the heat and you can use the frozen bottles to keep other items cool. Make sure to bring some water that isn’t frozen as well in case your frozen bottle doesn’t thaw quickly enough.


The big debate in picnic packing is how to keep everything cold and what to do about traditional picnic fare like potato salad and pasta salad that tend to be mayonnaise based. The easiest solution is to leave the traditional favs at home and try some new items that your family will love (or put the mayo based items in an ice chest!).

Fruit Skewers

Buy some wooden kabob sticks and spear on your favorite fruit blends for an easy, utensil free fruit salad.

Salad Wraps

Using lettuce leaves as your wrapper, layer thin sliced carrots and cucumbers, grated cheese, olives, and any other favorite salad toppings. Roll them up or fold them over and put them in a large zippered bag and bring along a small container of salad dressing to pour on when you are ready to eat.

Quinoa Salad

Replace your mayo based potato and pasta salads with a quinoa salad. Prepare quinoa according to instructions and then mix in cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives and diced bell peppers. For a dressing, try either bottled Italian dressing or make your own Mediterranean mix with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Main Fare

Pinwheel sandwiches

Make your favorite wraps with tortillas filled with turkey, cheese, and any other sandwich favorites. You can even try PB&J wraps for any littles who prefer those flavors. Roll the wraps up and cut into smaller bites. Pack these in a container that can be placed into a cooler or in a backpack.

Grilled chicken sliders

Grill chicken before you head out or if you have access to a grill at your picnic location, grill it when you arrive. Bring along some small slider buns, bottled barbeque sauce and pickles. You could even make a vinegar based cole slaw to top them with or serve alongside.

Enjoying time outside with your family is a great way to encourage imaginations and keep everyone active. The most important thing is having fun as a family and making wonderful memories!