Moms, let’s be honest…we steal our kids’ candy after they go to bed. It’s shameful and embarrassing, but it happens. Maybe you’re on a diet and you’ve banned sweets from the house, or maybe your own sugar stash is lacking. Whatever the case, when that giant plastic pumpkin head full of junk comes in the house, you can’t resist.

Anyway, aren’t we doing our kids a favor? They don’t need all that candy! It’s bad for their teeth and bad for their bellies. Really, we are saving them!

On the other hand, why not make a pledge to offer some candy alternatives? Instead of mini chocolate bars or fruity delights, let’s make a decision to save each other from sugar comas and give away non-candy items kids will love. Your brain is thinking boxes of raisins right now, but there are so many more non-candy options!

Toys and Stickers

With so much concern over food allergies and digestive troubles, avoiding edible treats is a safe bet for everyone. Hit up the party supply store for goody bag items sold in bulk. As much as kids love the candy in their bucket, a small toy, sticker, stamp or tattoo can stand out in the sea of sugar and rise to the top of favorite treasures.

Fruit Options

Fruit! What kids wants fruit in their goody bag?!? Toddlers! Little kids love bananas and little mandarin oranges, and their parents often don’t allow them to eat much of the candy they bring home. Offering a piece of fruit gives them a snack they can enjoy after a long evening walking around dressed up as a princess or pirate.

Fall Favorite Granola Bars

Kids see their mamas filling up on pumpkin-spiced everything in the fall, and they start enjoying seasonal flavors themselves. Sunbelt Bakery offers seasonal granola bar flavors: Pumpkin Spice, Apple Spice and the NEW S’Mores. These bars are a great alternative to candy, and moms can even give these to their kids the next morning when they are coming down off a sugar high and getting ready to go back to school.  

Alright moms, we can do this! Let’s embrace some different treat bowl items and see how the kiddos respond.