People say moms are competitive. And, there’s a lot of truth in it. We all want our child to come in first in the science fair. We always want our child to win the spelling bee. We always want our child to score the game-winning goal. While all of this might be true, there’s one time when mothers come together and stop caring about who’s holding the blue ribbon.

If you’re like most women, you know what it’s like to get the call. When you hear one of your friends is fighting breast cancer, it’s a shock. Suddenly, it’s like it’s happening to your whole group of friends. You all feel afraid, worried and unsure of what to say, but then you realize something. This isn’t a time for fear, it’s a time for action. It’s time to come together as a community of women and mothers, and be there for her. And just like that, the competition doesn’t matter anymore. Nobody cares who comes in first or who wins what, we all just want her to be there with us every step of the way on this mothering journey.

Breast cancer opens your eyes to what matters — and it isn’t who can sell the most fundraiser chocolates. At the end of the day, we’re just moms who want to be there when our children wake up in the morning, and when they go to sleep at night. And you know what? We want that for other moms, too. Because when someone in our village of parents is hurting, we hurt right alongside them.

Whether the mom is a dear friend or an acquaintance doesn’t seem to matter, either. As she battles her way through her toughest days, we all root for her from the sidelines. We bring her family meals. We take her kids to school. We sit with them as they do their homework. We scream from the stands as they play their sports and — slowly but surely — we realize something: we’re all on the same team.