When snow is mentioned in the forecast, moms brace themselves. Kids want a snow day. They want snowball fights, snowmen and most importantly, no school! Moms aren’t always sure about snow. Moms fear being snowed in, power outages and dealing with kids who’re stuck inside. So how do you balance the excitement from the kids with your mom nerves? We’ve got you covered!

Here are some ideas of ways to pass the time on a snow day. Keep these ideas in mind for when snow hits—or even for a good rainy day!

Snow Castles for a Snow Day

Kids love building forts! But, their plan IS to rearrange all the furniture and use breakable decorative items as anchors! So, our suggestion is to try something that is minimally invasive for you—but still keeps them happy. An easy design for a snow castle is to move all chairs from around your kitchen table and drape white sheets or blankets over the table. Underneath there’ll be a large space for kids to crawl around, and cleanup is very easy. If the power goes out, bring flashlights into your castle with you. The best part about a kitchen castle is that you can always allow snacks!

Snowball Toast for a Snow Day

Whether you brave the cold for snowball fun or not, you can always serve warm snowballs to your little people. It’s easy and delicious!

First, put a layer of bread slices on a baking sheet.

Then, put the baking sheet in a warm oven (350 degrees) for about 3–5 minutes, until the bread begins to toast.

Next, remove the sheet and apply a layer of peanut butter to each slice of bread.

Finally, top the peanut butter toast with marshmallows (snowballs) and put back in the oven on broil to toast the marshmallows.

This yummy treat is perfect for afternoon snacks on long days. And if you’re without power but have a fireplace, toast marshmallows over your fire and then put them on peanut butter bread!

Create Your Own Board Game on a Snow Day

Pull out an old board game (or a few board games). Use the board as the base for your new game. Then let your kids find “game pieces” in their own toy boxes. They can choose favorite characters or toys to be their piece.

Then decide how you want your game to be played. What should the rules be? How does your piece move around the board? Do you roll dice or use a spinner? Should there be trivia questions you answer or activities you need to do? Have fun making up your game and let each family member participate in the game’s creation. Then you can spend the rest of the day playing your new game. If you write out rules, you can pull the game out again in the future to play on other days you are stuck indoors.

Sometimes it’s hard to find time in your busy life to just play with your kids. Use a snow day as a family day and find ways to play together and have fun!