Have you ever visited the farmers’ market as a family? It’s an exciting world of adventure for little ones, and the fall presents the perfect opportunity to explore!

Most of us are far removed from a time when we farmed the foods we eat. These days, many kids only see food as something that comes from the grocery store, without much thought into how it got to the grocery store.

While they’re likely to learn about the growth cycle and farming in school, kids can also be exposed to the “how” behind foods at the farmers’ market. Strolling through the aisles, they’ll have the opportunity to see a variety of foods, meet farmers and learn about where food comes from.

Try out these ideas on a trip to the farmers’ market this fall:

Make trying new foods a game

We’ve suggested this strategy for the grocery store, but it works just as well at a market. Kids are far more likely to try unfamiliar, new foods if they select the food. Let your little ones choose a new fruit or vegetable to try from one of the farmers’ market vendors. The vendor may even offer up a suggestion about how to prepare the food.

Play a matching game

As a family, search for foods that match every color of the rainbow. You might even consider buying a bunch of them! Eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, purple and orange, provides your body with a full range of nutrients and essential vitamins.

Learn about local foods

Many booths at farmers’ markets identify the name of the farm and its location. Your kids will probably love knowing that the food they’re eating was grown just down the road. One bonus of buying at the farmers’ market is that since the foods are grown nearby, you get the freshest foods of each season!

Talk to a farmer

Before you head to the farmers’ market, put together a set of questions your kids would like answered. You’ll probably be delighted (and humored) by the questions they have. And they’re likely to learn a lot about the growth cycle of plants — and how they move from seeds to a plant to the store.

Add a little fall fun to your visit by picking up items for your Halloween/Harvest décor. You’ll find everything from hay bales to pumpkins of all sizes ready to take home and use as decoration!