Kid’s love the idea of celebrating New Year’s Eve. We may not let them stay up until midnight, but we can still let them have their own celebration. And what celebration is complete without party games and food?!? Try these New Year’s Eve food ideas with your kids.

Best Food of 2016

New Year’s Eve is filled with “best of” lists of the best music, movies, and books of the year. Carry this theme through to your family’s New Year’s Eve celebration by having family members nominate their favorite things from 2016. Along with favorite songs, games, and memories, have family members also remember their favorite foods of the year. This could be a new food that you tried this year and have been making it a part of your weekly rotation or a special meal you ate once that everyone would love to have again. As a family, decide which meal you would like to end the year with and send 2016 out with a bang with the Best Food of the Year!

Countdown Snacks

New Year’s Eve is all about counting down. Use this as a way to talk to younger children about telling time and explain the numbers on a clock. For a fun activity, you can countdown from one hour to the next with countdown snacks. Choose a snack for the hour (carrot sticks, apple slices, crackers, etc) and set out 12 on a plate to look like a clock face. Place a clock or watch nearby so they can watch the hands move around as time passes. Throughout the hour, every 5 minutes you eat one of the snacks from the plate and countdown to the next hour. You can repeat this with different snacks each hour. (You might also set a timer between each snack to help remind you when it’s time for the next one.)

New Food Resolutions

At a time when everyone is making resolutions for the new year, make some food resolutions as well. As a family, make it a goal to try a new recipe or new food item once a week or map out a calendar of new foods for each month. For picky eaters, have them make a list of new foods they will try (or retry) in the new year. For adventurous eaters, try incorporating foods from other countries or other regions. Another great food resolution for families is to eat more meals together at the dinner table, sharing stories of the day and making memories.

Sixteen Snacks to End 2016

For a 2016 sendoff, set a table with 16 snacks. These don’t have to be elaborate and can include multiple fruits or veggies on trays as well as other snack items. Encourage your family to try one of each item before the end of the year. This is a great way to practice counting and to get picky eaters to try new foods.

Enjoy ringing in the new year with old food favorites and new food ideas! We will keep giving you ideas of foods and recipes to try in the new year.