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Stock Your Freezer to Make Meals Easier

When it comes to meals, all moms are working toward that planned-out meal calendar. Unfortunately, most of us don’t make it past day one of planning before someone in the house has an emergency that needs immediate mom attention, like a lost toy or spilled drink. Once...

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5 Fun Foods to Celebrate Autumn

When you think autumn, you probably think of fall favorites like chili, apple cider and pumpkin bread. But there are some other great autumn seasonal fruits and veggies you can add to your dinner table. Introduce some new tastes, and let your kids vote on their favorite autumn addition!

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A Cooking With Kids Recipe: Apple Chips

Kids love sweets, and kids love snacks. Sweet snacks are a kid’s favorite. Healthy, sweet snacks are a mom’s favorite. Try making these apple chips with your kids for a fun activity and then enjoy a healthy, sweet snack together!

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